Endeavour Centre's New Sustainable Building Courses

Endeavour Centre is starting some new, and fantastic, sustainable building courses. 

The first course is a shorter, one-month,  Natural Building Intensive. This one-month course will give participants a chance to construct two small buildings from foundation to finish, and gain experience with just about every natural material/strategy available in this part of the world. Click here to give it a look! You can also check out a super awesome flyer here.

The second course focuses on Sustainable Renovations.  This course is based on their history-tested five-month, full-time Sustainable New Construction program, but giving participants the chance to focus on making a net zero energy, net zero carbon, zero toxin and zero waste renovation to an urban lane way garage to turn it into healthy and efficient living space. Click here to give it a look! Check out the flyer for this course here.

Jamie Fine