Sustainability Through Innovation


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The Next Generation of Sustainable Design


EcoStudio is an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students from Ryerson University, collaborating with the Endeavour Centre and Seneca College to develop the next generation of sustainable housing. Through  research, design, and hands-on construction, our mission is to push the boundaries of Canadian commercial housing using innovative technologies and a holistic design approach. Our homes make use of highly-integrated energy systems, holistic architectural and urban design, and streamlined modular off-site construction techniques to maximize sustainability, and minimize overall cost.



The Concept

Our prototypes are based on an integral urban design strategy for sustainable cities. Located on east west arterials to collect solar energy on their roofs and facades, these two-storey units stack over retail, minimizing their physical and ecological footprint, and sharing the infrastructure and amenities of existing communities.



Project 1:


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The Sustainable Future of Modular Construction


ZeroHouse is a 1000-square foot, net-zero energy, one bedroom townhouse prototype being built in collaboration with the Endeavour Centre. Representative of a single upper unit of a multi-unit stacked townhouse development, it surpasses the highest standards of sustainable construction. The unique construction process for this project began in May 2017, and by making use of innovative materials and prefabricated construction will be able to provide a home which not only meets the needs of the planet, but also achieves a realistic market value.


See it September 28 to October 8, 2017 at the Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology


Prefabricated, Modular Construction

ZeroHouse is designed to test a variety of emerging sustainable building practices. It's modular construction allows it to showcase several different insulation and construction methods within a single house, all of which use net-zero carbon emission throughout construction


Passive Design Strategies

Using architectural design strategies which focus on passive conditioning, ZeroHouse's highly insulated walls and roof, paired with cross-ventilation and carefully designed shading, ensure a comfortable and efficient home.


Project 2:



Sustainability in the City


SolarBlock is the next-generation of the our concept, a multi-unit mid-rise solar housing development which can achieve net-zero energy at 5 storeys tall. A three-bedroom version of one of the townhouses will be permanently installed as part of the new BRE Innovation park development at the TRCA Kortright Centre in Vaughan, Ontario. Approximately 135,000 visitors per year are expected to visit seven separate sustainable design homes.


See it Fall 2018 at The Living City Campus at Kortright, Toronto


A New Life in the City

Designed to interact with the street and bolster low density neighbourhoods, the SolarBlock concept uses main streets as a mid-rise housing proposal to create a more sustainable city.


A Neighbourhood in the Sky

A unique entrance design allows each single family house in the development to feel unique and private, while fostering community engagement